healing  BY  water    

"Imagine a Thai massage mixed in a Yoga session dancing in water as dolphins and mermaids...." 

"buy a float, give a float"

Healing by Water is a way of life- a for purpose, female veteran owned and operated private practice in San Diego, CA. It is a feeling you have not experienced since you were in your mother's womb where you experienced your first sleep, your first dream, your first movement. This warm water modality is powerful, organic healing medicine that requires no talking, no swimming experience or age requirement to float into feeling better.

Her primary focus is serving her military tribe- Active Duty, Veterans, Gold Star Families, care-givers, immediate family members and military contractors. The birth of "Buy a Float, Give a Float" and "Freedom Floaters" is to give back to her fellow sisters and brothers starting with you. Healing by Water is open and ready to support all those who are ready to be submerged in warm water and experience life in a new light. 

In a nut shell- if you don't feel good and you want to feel better, get in water and schedule some time with Spike. If you are tired, your muscles are sore, you lifted too much shit in the military, you sit at a desk all day, you have kids, you play sports thinking your body was 20 years younger, you have an injury or an illness, you were in an auto accident, you have addiction or mental health challenges, sexual trauma, you had a rough childhood or traumatic experience, you're confused and don't know how to move forward or what choice to make- reach out to Spike and make a plan today. 

...From Wounded Warrior to Energetic Healer...

Spike Bywater... a BAD ASS!!! (and that's pretty much all the information you need to know)

Spike is a Healing by Water artist, She tailors each session uniquely to each client's individual needs. Spike emphasizes comfort, security and warmth with her therapeutic touch in a safe space called, water. She holds the belief, that one day, all of mankind will experience a moment free of pain, especially her sisters and brothers of war. 

...From Wounded Warrior to Energetic Healer...



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