spike lives on with h2O

Spike Bywater transitioned from warrior to healer by listening to her feelings. She felt a strong connection to enlist in the United States Navy her senior year of high school. During her enlistment, she deployed overseas with the United States Army under the mission of executing the orders as a Detainee Operations solitary confinement guard for the Al-Qaeda and Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan.

Returning from war, she intuitively knew that her internal compass was left in harms way.  During the path of destruction, she was medically retired from the military and a month later she was admitted to the hospital for severe asthma and went into sudden cardiac arrest two days later. During the arrest, Spike saw the light and noticed her spirit leaving her body, ascending to a big bright white light. She heard a clear and distinct voice say, “It’s not your time child, you have work to do, go HEAL.”

Three months after the arrest, the Wave Academy found Spike and offered her free aquatic bodywork for her military service. By the third session, Spike was remembering sacred knowledge and found a way to access and retrieve information easily. Spike received a message underwater in her third sessions with the same voice, "This is YOUR work, NOW go Heal!"

After that divine session, Spike intuitively knew this was her gift to share with the world and she had no time to waste! Spike's aquatic healing transformation was witnessed as a miracle. Dave Towe, Founder of Wave Academy, offered Spike a scholarship to study the water work and she now serves as an aquatic practitioner serving her brothers and sisters with PTSD as she pays it forward.

Upon her return home, and over the past 7 years, Spike is transforming from Wounded Warrior to Energetic Healer and advocating for military men and women coping with PTSD.

Spike is a certified Aquatic Bodyworker, ThetaHealing® Master in addition to a Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Massage Therapist, Innerwise® Practitioner and Motivational Speaker serving in the San Diego County.

She is an advocate to the military population and a leader among her community. She participates in the San Diego Veterans Coalition (SDVC), VETogether and other veteran organizations. She partners with Triple B Adventures, an incredible non-profit supporting veterans with outdoor experiences, reconnecting with self, other veterans and nature. She is supported by the creator of: Buy A Home, Save a Vet. Spike is grateful and honored to show up on this planet to serve and to share the light and water. She is committed to connecting lives, one body at a time. Remember, YOU ARE WHAT LOVE LOOKS LIKE! 

Warm Waves of Love, Health and Peace!