Buy a Float, Give a Float

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Buy a Float, Give a Float


You will receive:

A One Hour Warm Water Therapy Session-

Aquatic Bodywork performed in a private 96° salt water pool furnished with a luxurious indoor/outdoor shower stocked with shampoo, conditioner, body wash and purified drinking water all included.


YOU can choose to gift a 60 minute float to Freedom Floaters, someone in mind OR you can simply gift yourself with an extra 45 minutes of float time.

YOU will be helping YOURSELF, Supporting me to continue to provide to Humanity, a Veteran (Freedom Floaters) and our Community.

(Spike will contact you within 72 hrs with a direct scheduling link to select your float time)

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When you purchase "Buy a Float, Give a Float" you and some one in need of aquatic bodywork therapy will experience the benefits. You will be asked at check out if you know of someone, if not Healing by Water has created Freedom Floaters, a program designed for veterans to be randomly selected to experience aquatic bodywork therapy.