Cancellation Policy


In the event of a NO SHOW or failed communication to Spike Bywater within 24 hours of session, client is responsible for a $25 cancellation fee. 

*Emergency illness, injury or loss of family member will be waived. 

What to do when/before you arrive…

Please show up a few minutes before your session begins. If arriving with others, please lower your voices as you enter the grounds. In most cases, you will be arriving as someone else is ending a session. PLEASE do not leave if I am in water, you are welcome back!

Follow the rock path to the green gate and the SHOWER ROOM is located directly in front of you as you enter the space and to the left of you as you walk the mini ramp. Please use the second door, pass the sliding door, next to the outdoor shower to enter the SHOWER ROOM. Place your belongings on the wooden chair inside and prepare for your session.

It is everyone's responsibility to shower before entering the pool—it is a pool requirement that all body oils and lotions removed, and private parts thoroughly cleansed. The pool is chemical free salt water, which must remain unsoiled. We appreciate your cooperation!

  • If you are sick, including a cold or flu, or if you have the onset of flu symptoms, or you have any open skin conditions or wounds, please speak with Spike 24 hours prior to your session.
  • Please place cell phone on SILENT immediately upon arrival to the property.
  • Bring with you to your session a swimsuit, towel, dry set of clothes for after and water for after your session, on your drive home. Your body will require immediate rehydration. Please pay attention to your body following a session. If you feel the onset of a mild headache within two hours following a session, increase the amount of water you are drinking.
  • Residence and surrounding grounds are tobacco and drug free. We ask that you arrive in a state of being alcohol and drug free. If you are taking prescription pain medication or medicinal marijuana under the supervision of a medical doctor, please advise Spike.
  • Pay the session fee in advance, with cash (preferred) or check payable to “Healing by Water.” If you are using any major credit card, please make payment on the “pay here” page of 24 hours prior to your session. 

After your session, pay attention to your body and listen to what it needs. It is not uncommon to feel in an “altered state” up to an hour following your session. Please be especially attentive coming and going from the property, and while driving.

Please Note:

 In most cases I will be in the water before you arrive and do not have access to taking calls. Kindly familiarize yourself with the address and routes on your mobile device, including time and miles, to assure you arrive on time.

SECONDLY, the cell service is limited, I may not receive your call or text the day of.